Important! Please note that the solution below is still in development. Please contact us before implementing the Application status service.

Business rationale

As StepStone, we care not only about quantity, but also about quality of applicants delivered to our clients. We’d like to build our stronger partnerships with ATSs and Clients and receive feedback on Application Status and be able to provide this feedback to jobseekers using our services.

We’d like to:

  • show jobseekers information about their applications in one place for all jobs they applied to
  • get some data proving quality of applicants we send to clients and their ATSs in order to improve our services

Technical implementation

Candidate Status flow for ATS’s that implement ATSi Apply API:

  1. ATS receives an ApplyRequest and saves the value of AtsiApplicationId (a field in the Header section) with the job application.
  2. Any change in the job application status on the ATS side should trigger sending a message to the ATSi Application Status service with status change information and AtsiApplicationId correlated with this application. The message format is described below.


Authorization to ATSi Application Status service is done by set proper token value into request header. To get token value contact ATSi support team.
Token value must be set under request header key : X-AtsiToken
Example Curl request with authorization token and application status change body

curl -X POST \
  http://atsi-prod/api/application-status \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'X-AtsiToken: node01nwh2px2exa8a1d7006h0cnbof7.node0' \
  -d '{
    "AtsiApplicationId": "51c3be16-0f93-41ed-9cc0-9092222d7333",
    "Status": "APPLIED"

Application status change message

Every change of a job application status, should trigger sending an ApplicationStatus message to ATSi Application Status service. The message must have a format as below and contain  X-AtsiToken in request header.

    "AtsiApplicationId": "51c3be16-0f93-41ed-9cc0-9092222d7333",
    "Status": "APPLIED"

Available statuses:
LEAD – Candidate is considered for the job but has not applied
APPLIED – Candidate applied
PRE_INTERVIEW – Candidate is being assessed by the hiring team if he/she is suitable for the job
INTERVIEW – Candidate is being interviewed by the hiring team
POST_INTERVIEW – Additional step before sending an offer, e.g. background check
OFFER – Candidate received an offer
HIRED – Candidate was hired
REJECTED – Candidate was rejected/has withdrawn interest